Miyake Taiko Workshop in Vancouver


Miyake-Jima Geino Doushi-Kai taiko drumming workshops will be held in Vancouver, Canada, May 28 – May 29 at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Asian Centre Building – Music Studio (room 105). Led by Kazuhiro Tsumura. DETAILS AND REGISTRATION.

There will be two short (2 hour) workshops and an intensive (10 hour) workshop. The short workshops may be suitable for beginners or as a refresher for those who have studied the miyake form in the past. The intensive workshop features advanced techniques, kiyari (the chant), and kagura (shinto ceremonial) version. Beginners to taiko may join the intensive workshop.

Miyake-Jima Geino Doushi-Kai is an organization that is based upon promoting and preserving Miyake Taiko. The organization is founded by Akio Tsumura who comes from Miyake Island  and taught the Miyake Taiko style to the taiko group KODO. His sons will teach the workshops.

Miyake Taiko is a traditional Japanese taiko drumming style that has become popularized through the works of KODO and is performed non-stop for nine hours during ceremonial festivals on Miyake Island, Japan.

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