LOUD is a Vancouver based instrumental group that writes and performs original music utilizing primarily the electric guitar, taiko (Japanese drums) and parts of the western drum kit. Originally formed in 1996 by taiko players Eileen Kage, Leslie Komori and electric guitarist Elaine Stef, LOUD has performed in Canada, the US and Europe. Today, LOUD works as a duo composed of Kage (taiko and percussion) and Stef (electric guitar and accordion).

LOUD’s music ranges from the melodic to the extreme. Since there is no established way to play with this combination of instruments, they are free to define their own direction without being confined to a predetermined form. Improvising, experimenting and integrating their musical ideas shapes the compositions. This process forms the basis of their work, and sets the group apart from one that chooses to add an unusual element to a traditional style of music in order to create an interesting sound. As a result, LOUD’s music is unique.